Latin Name
Albizzia lebbeck
Other Common Names
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What is Albizzia?

Albizzia is a tree in the pea family of plants (Leguminosae).
The main use of albizzia in the western world is for seasonal allergies, asthma, and upper respiratory tract infections.
This herb has the rare ability to inhibit degranulation of the mast cells — which are large immune cells that burst open during allergic reactions to release histamine and other inflammatory compounds.
Albizzia doesn’t work the same way pharmaceutical antihistamines work and is only reliable if taken before the allergic reaction.
However, when taken in a timely manner, albizzia is one of the best anti-allergy herbs currently available.
Some of the more traditional uses for the herb are for supporting diabetes, heart disease, and as a birth control agent (not effective for this).

Common Names For Albizzia

  • Albizia
  • Albizzia
  • Sharisha (Sanskrit)

Herbal Actions of Albizzia

Short description mentioning the main points for albizzia and what its major herbal actions are.

Albizzia in Medical Research

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